5 Smart Strategies for Learning a Language as an Adult

Many people wrongly believe that only children can learn a new language. Although children may have some advantages when learning a new language, you can still learn a new language as an adult. When learning a new language, there are various strategies you can use to help you learn another language.

1. Find a Language Learning Partner

The first thing you should do is find someone who wants to learn the language with you. Having a partner who wants to also learn a new language can be powerful. You can practice together, and you can hold each other accountable for your learning and progress. Together, you can practice and push each other to succeed.

2. Talk With Yourself

It is perfectly okay to talk aloud with yourself. Speaking aloud to yourself can help you build your confidence. Speaking aloud to yourself gives you a chance to practice what you are learning without having to worry about someone else hearing you. It takes the embarrassment many people feel when speaking to others away.  

3. Have Fun With Practicing

Next, have fun as you practice the language. Draw a comic strip, and use your new language skills to illustrate the comic strip. Record a podcast in your new language, even if it is just for yourself. Write a love letter or a pretend excuse note for school. Watch movies and shows in the language you are learning. Find fun ways to practice that will help you retain the information you are learning.

4. Listen

Listening to others speak the language can help you learn as well. Listen to podcasts, radio shows, music, and audiobooks. Watch movies and television shows. Go to places where people are speaking the language and listen to them. Listening can help you improve your language skills and allow you to learn how to properly pronounce all the new vocabulary you are learning.

5. Get Intense With Your Studies

If you really want to learn a new language quickly, get intense with your studies. Instead of just practicing an hour or day over the course of months or years, set aside a time period where you can intently focus on learning the new language for a few weeks. Spending five hours a day over the course of two weeks will help you learn the language faster than spreading out your learning over months or years.

When learning a new language such as Italian language classes for adults, find a language learning partner, have fun practicing, listen to others speak, and really get into your studies.

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