The Maya Yucateco Language And Translation

The History of Maya Yucateco:

Maya Yucateco is a language in the Mayan family that is spoken mostly in parts of Belize and Mexico. There are few native speakers of the language left, around 800,000. It is recognized as one of the 68 official languages of Mexico. The biggest concentration of native speakers of Maya Yucateco is in the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico. The language has a long history and is one of the present-day languages that splintered off from Proto-Mayan, the language used by the Mayan people hundreds of years ago. The language was originally spoken across a wider swath of north and middle America by the indigenous Mayan people.

Christopher Columbus traded with Mayans who likely spoke Maya Yucateco when he stopped off the coast of the Yucatan peninsula before continuing on to land elsewhere. When the Spanish colonized the Yucatan peninsula, they translated religious tracts into Maya Yucateco in an effort to convert the indigenous peoples and to exert control over them. The Spaniards purposefully tried to shape the language the way they wanted it. The language evolved along with this pressure, but the Mayans also subverted the colonists through their native language, and it continued to survive. 

Characteristics of Maya Yucateco: 

Maya Yucateco has many different characteristics. The language is known for its use of what is called glottalized consonants. Glottalized consonants have a unique popping sound. Maya Yucateco also uses tones to differentiate meaning much like other tonal languages like Mandarin and Thai. The sentence structure of Maya Yucateco usually has the verb coming first followed by either the object or the subject. The language was once written in Mayan lettering, but since the Yucatan area was taken over by the Spanish, the language is written using the Latin alphabet. 

Finding a Maya Yucateco Translator: 

Since Maya Yucateco is spoken by relatively few people, it is no wonder that the language isn't commonly offered as a language learning option at schools or on online language learning programs, but there are still a significant number of native speakers, so there is a need to translate manuals, books, instructions, web pages, and entertainment into, and from, Maya Yucateco. Luckily, there are companies that specialize in Maya Yucateco language translation. A good company will have an expert with a native level grasp of the language to translate your content to Maya Yucateco or translate Maya Yucateco to your language so that a language barrier doesn't have to get in the way.  

For more information on this subject, reach out to a local Maya Yucateco translator.

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