3 Job Positions You Could Qualify For As A Somali Language Interpretor

With society being more transient now than it has ever been before, the United States has become a highly diverse place with people from all nationalities calling this country home. Because of this, people who have the ability to interpret one language to the next are in high demand in the workforce. If you have a background in the Somali language and also speak English, you have many career opportunities ahead of you if you become a certified Somali interpreter. Here is a quick look at some of the job positions you may be able to obtain as a Somali language interpreter.  

Somali Medical Interpreter

When Somali patients come into a medical facility for treatment, it is critical that they are capable of relaying what their health concerns are. Likewise, it is imperative that someone on the staff can help them understand what the treatment providers are doing and what their diagnosis is. Therefore, interpreters that are capable of translating the Somali language to English and vice versa are always sought after in medical facilities. Many Somali interpreters work on a contract basis with treatment facilities because they may not be needed on a daily basis, but should be a phone call away when their services are necessary. 

Somali Educational Interpreter 

When students come in that speak a foreign language, teachers often struggle to properly educate the students because communication is a huge obstacle. Somali educational interpreters are often employed by school districts where there is a high concentration of Somali students. Your duties in this role would be to sit in on classroom activities and help interpret language the teacher is speaking so the student can understand. Likewise, you would be the line of communication from the student to the teacher, and may even help with parent-teacher communications. 

Somali Workplace Interpreter 

If a business has several Somali employees, it is important that they can properly communicate with them so that language barriers do not get in the way of daily business activities. In the modern workplace environment, it is common to bring in people who do not speak the native language because they are more qualified for certain positions. These employers often bring in a Somali workplace interpreter to help communicate with employees. However, as a Somali workplace interpreter, you may also be responsible for things like employee training, interviewing during onboarding processes, and communicating with Somali suppliers, merchants, or clients that the employer would not otherwise be able to communicate with. 

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